Which Vintage Engagement Ring Is For You

Almost every woman simply dreams of having their dream wedding. That all begins with the engagement ring of their dreams. Some women are into big rocks, but there are also some who do not really care about how it looks.

Regardless of all that, it would not be a bad thing if you simply desire a specific engagement ring. If you are not a fan of modern styles, then it is best for you to go through a list of vintage engagement ring styles suitable for you.

Gold-colored Solitaire Ring
Which Vintage Engagement Ring Is For You

Victorian Era Style (1835-1900)

If you wish to go all the way back to the 1800s, then that is totally acceptable. Keep in mind that just because it is a style from the Victorian Era does not mean it is antique. The style maybe, but not the ring itself. Vintage engagement rings styles from this period are truly remarkable. 

Queen Victoria is known to be very into jewelry so her style was quite popular at that time. Brooches, necklaces, and lockets were huge at that time, but rings were famous as well. Dark-colored gems surely dominated this era. So if you are into gold bands with dark stones like garnet and onyx with some dark emerald and sapphires, then it’s perfect for you.

Edwardian Era Style (1900-1915)

When it comes to the time when elegance in jewelry was huge, then it is definitely from the Edwardian Era. If you want an engagement ring that is inspired by it, then you must love extravagance and simplicity at the same time. It was kind of contracting but it would make sense if you check on it. Vintage engagement rings that are inspired by this era are usually elegant looking. Lacy designs were introduced and they are best for vintage-inspired weddings.

Art Deco Style (1915-1950)

If you are more of an artistic kind of girl, then strong geometric designs are suitable for you. Although clear diamonds were during this era, the style of the rings was all about the shapes and angles. Women who preferred to be unique but with a hint of vintage, surely said “Yes” when they get proposed to with this ring. Experts say this is the kind of engagement ring that strong and independent women must get. 

Person Wearing A Ring
Which Vintage Engagement Ring Is For You

Retro Style (1935-1950)

Finally, if you really want to get out of your comfort zone, you might want to dive into the retro world. Let out the bolder and more glamorous side of you. Retro kind of engagement rings is known to be very dramatic yet romantic. This sure is perfect for anyone who has a very strong personality.

Every single woman who is into colored gems deserves to get this kind of engagement ring. With amethysts, rubies, topaz, and other stones, it will surely suit you. You might also add some little diamonds to enhance the ring and make it even more dramatic. When it comes to retro style, it is usually about being bold, so you must be into going all out and about.

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