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Unique Polymer Clay Jewelry Ideas

polymer clay jewelry ideas

Polymer clay jewelry is a cheap method of making jewelry, but it is not easy as it looks, and you require certain ideas to make them so they might be appealing to others. In this piece of reading, you will get to know about some of these ideas to make polymer clay jewelry. The first one is

Love Letter Charm

A hand holding a cell phone

Make an affection letter that will last. This polymer earth adornments thought makes an overly charming present for that special one. The tools and material required to make thing are

Polymer clay


Sculpture making tools

Jewelry links and pliers

Beaded Necklace

A close up of a woman wearing glasses

You can make countless various sorts of necklaces with polymer clay. The prospects are unending! If you need a few thoughts, you can help yourself by watching YouTube videos. The tools and material required to make such necklaces are

Polymer clay

Sculpture making tools

Gold leaf

Babushka Doll Brooch

Add a touch of a bonus to your closet with this Babushka doll ornament thought. It will undoubtedly make anybody amaze.

• Brooch pin

• Superglue

Fingerprint Necklace

If you need a precious and special gift for your loved ones. Make a charming little heart pendant utilizing some polymer mud and your finger impression. It’s an incredible method to add an individual touch for that extraordinary companion or relative. The tools and material required to make such necklaces are

Jewelry pliers


Your fingerprints

Marbled Pendant

On the off chance that you like moderation, give this marbled polymer mud pendant thought ago. Whenever you’ve revealed your earth, you can cut it into a triangle, square, square shape, or some other shape you like. Why not make an assortment? By joining the material, you will get a beautiful mess that will adore every eye.

Clay Earrings

This article will be sharing a couple of various methods to help kick you off. However, the most amazing aspect about these materials is that you can, in a real sense, make any style, shading, or state of hoop you need – there are not many restrictions, which makes the venture so fun, and truly, so unwinding. Before you begin working with the dirt, it assists with concocting a shading range. You’ll probably get at several arrangements of studs from each group you blend, so make it something that truly suits your style and closet. You needed to make a couple of various pieces, all adhering to more hearty tones (quieted greens, peaches, rust, marble, and somewhat dim blue).


knife or clay cutter

jewelry packs (I used gold)

jewelry rings with connector (also used gold for these)

(optional) small circular cookie

super glue

cutting surface

parchment paper

baking sheet


Polymer clay is an incredible alternative for clay adornments like this since it’s effectively open (accessible on the web and at neighborhood create stores) and extremely easy to utilize. So everybody from starting crafters to cutting edge craftsmen’s to make pieces with this material. It’s delicate, which implies it’s effective to control into different shapes and mix to make custom tones, and so on. It tends to be formed by hand, or you can utilize uncommon instruments and even dough shapers for greater adaptability.

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