Top Vintage Diamond Rings That Still Exist

When it comes to the top vintage diamond rings, only the finest deserves to be on the list. There are some that are just too good to be true. Even if they are not very popular, the quality of each diamond is superb.

Most of them are found within the depths of the earth, which basically makes them even more special. If you are fascinated with vintage diamond rings, then this list is suitable for you.

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Top Vintage Diamond Rings That Still Exist

The Vivid Pink

This very first one is actually a 5-carat diamond that was made into a ring. This particular diamond is known to captivate everyone who sees it. Known as the Vivid Pink diamond, it is a cushion-cut ring that originated in South Africa. Expert jewelers say that this diamond is one of the rarest in the world.

Its exotic beauty captured everyone’s attention during the Christie’s auction in Hong Kong. This breathtaking beauty was sold for over 11 million dollars. It was referred to as the “glittering star” when it made an appearance at the auction.

The Winston Blue Diamond Ring

Known to be the biggest diamond in the world today, the Winston Blue Diamond ring surely is special. It has 13.22 carats and it was turned into a teardrop-shaped diamond ring which absolutely looks perfect. 

Just like the previous ring, this specific one was also discovered in South Africa. However, it went to a lot of various institutes before it was approved in the United States. The diamond was officially certified by the Gemological Institute of America not too long ago and was named after the great jeweler Harry Winston.

The Graff Pink Diamond Ring

This next ring was also associated with Harry Winston. The Graff Pink Diamond ring is 24.78 carats and it was once sold for over 46 million dollars. It was sold in Hong Kong about sixty-three years ago at the Sotheby’s auction. 

According to experts, the ring was actually sold way more than the expected price. It was also a rare occasion of revealing the sold price of the diamond. That is because back in the day, the price is usually kept secret.

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Top Vintage Diamond Rings That Still Exist

The Bulgari Blue Ring

Sold at an auction 15.7 million dollars, this triangular-cut diamond was the biggest one of its kind. The ring also features a 9.8-carat white diamond that was combined perfectly with the blue diamond which is 10.95 carats. The ring was reportedly revealed in Rome during the 1970s, but it was then brought to the United States so that auction house, Christie’s, could keep it safe. 

The original price of the said diamond was said to be only 5 million dollars. However, when it was put up for auction, the price went triple and it went up to 15.7 million dollars. According to some people, the lady who bought the ring for the first time was a childless lady. It brought her good fortune and was able to bear a child. This is said to be the reason why the price of the ring went so high.

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