Top 8 Jewelry Trends For 2020

Top 8 Jewelry Trends For 2020

Are you fed up of donning those same earrings or necklaces? If yes, then your jewelry collection needs an update. This time, watch out for fashion ramps and see what models are wearing before hitting a jewelry store. To help you stay updated with the jewelry trends of this year, we have a list you can consider. From shell jewelry to black jewelry, these trendy jewelry items are sure to satisfy your fashion senses.

Shell Jewelry

One of the most popular jewelry trends of this year is shell jewelry. Whether it’s gold or something cheaper like sterling silver, shell embellishments can add a tropical element to your outfits. Besides beach outfits, they perfectly complement casual as well as party wear outfits.

Black Jewelry

Who says black should not be worn during the fall or winter season? Black is the color of every season and truly stands out when it comes to jewelry. Talking about jewelry trends for 2020, black nose rings, black studs, black hoops, and black pendants and necklaces will be rocking this year. You can also try black minimalist bracelet or black stackable rings.

Top 8 Jewelry Trends For 2020
Top 8 Jewelry Trends For 2020

Neon Jewelry

The list of jewelry trends 2020 has a stunning and unique addition – neon jewelry. From neon and neutral bracelets, and neon green necklaces to fluorescent pink earrings and more, neon jewelry is going to rock this year like nothing else. These oh-so captivating jewelry items will not only add color to your outfits but also a wow factor you desire for.

Pearl Jewelry

Pearl jewelry is one that is always a trend. This year too, you will see pearls in the jewelry collection of fashion-conscious divas. Instead of plain pearl jewelry, designers have combined this trend with other materials like gold, platinum, and diamond. Hence, you can follow this trend by opting for a pearl-diamond bracelet, pearl dangling earrings, or pearl-gold nose ring. These jewelry items are ideal for formal and every day wear alike.

Jumbo Jewelry

Jumbo or chainlink jewelry will also be dominating this year. These iced-out chain jewelry staples will be seen on necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. You should choose XL chainlink jewelry to make a unique and dazzling statement.

Animal-Inspired Jewelry

If you love animals, this jewelry style is sure to lure you. Some jewelry pieces are following this trend. It includes cobra hoops, bird earrings, fish earrings, and an elephant-head bracelet, to name a few. These items are entirely statement-making and perfect enough for your everyday casual dresses.

Trendy Jewelry For 2020
Top 8 Jewelry Trends For 2020

Silk Thread Jewelry

Silk thread jewelry was created by jewelry designers for this year 2020. With silk thread necklaces, long silk thread ear jewelry, and more, this fashion can’t go wrong. Also, silk thread jewelry is perfect to pair with everyday summer and winter outfits, as well as vacation dresses including swimwear and bikinis.

Minimalist Jewelry

Minimalist jewelry will also be grabbing attention this year. So, splurge on a few minimalist jewelry items, such as a gold or platinum bracelet, a thin necklace with a charm, or a minimalist choker. You can also achieve a stackable look by pairing a few thin bracelets.

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