Tips For Making The Best Selection In Watches & Jewellery

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Finding and purchasing a new watch is so much fun since there are so many different elements to consider. We’ll look at the most significant elements to consider when purchasing a watch in this post. Some are self-evident, while others may not have occurred to you. Check out our tips for buying watches & jewellery.


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Watches come in a variety of styles and sizes. Watches can be categorised into one of the following styles: sport, luxury, casual and vintage. The style you should choose is determined by how often you plan to wear your watch. This is one of the important tips for buying watches & jewellery. A luxury watch is a wonderful choice if you intend on wearing it too expensive business occasions. A casual or antique watch, on the other hand, might suffice if you just want a classic watch that looks well in a number of personal and professional contexts. Finally, whether you’re an athlete or an outdoorsman, a sports watch is likely to contain the functionality and durability you want.

2.Type (Analog or Digital)

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Digital watches, like mobile phones, feature large numbers across the face that indicate the time. Analogue watches include clock hands and either roman numerals or numbers around the exterior, making them look a touch more vintage. This is one of the important tips for buying watches & jewellery. The majority of sports watches feature digital displays, whilst luxury and casual watches have analogue displays. While digital timepieces are simpler to read and often provide more capabilities, they are far more difficult to use.


Make a decision on how you’ll use the watch. This is also related to the watch’s style and kind. This is one of the important tips for buying watches & jewellery. How much more do you require, even if you’ve concluded that you require more than a simple timepiece? A timer and stopwatch are standard on most sports watches, but you could also want GPS, a speed calculator (tachymeter), or several alarms. If you’re buying a watch for camping, it’s generally a good idea to look for a watch with a lot of functions.

4.Water Resistance

Most watches are water-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about water splashing on them when you’re washing your hands. This is one of the important tips for buying watches & jewellery. Many timepieces (especially sports watches) are splashproof or appropriate for swimming and diving. This topic deserves its own post, however for a fast reference, check the table below for a comparison of the various water resistance ratings. As you can see, a 30-meter water-resistant watch is simply splashproof and should not be worn when swimming. Because the 30m (or 3 ATM) is tested as static pressure rather than the significantly greater pressure encountered when the watch is moved, this is the case.


So, these are our tips for buying watches & jewellery. The weight of the watch is a final consideration. Some watches are so light that they hardly feel like they’re on your wrist, while others are as heavy as a rock. If you enjoy a watch but prefer a lighter version, go for a model with a leather strap rather than a metal band. Take some time to consider what you want in a watch based on those 11 criteria. Then go to the mall or our website and look for your watchmate.

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