Then And Now: Jewelry From Generation To Generation

Styles do change with time, but each era really does stand out which makes it easier to identify. Who would have thought that jewelry from generation to generation can change a lot? If you think that your fashion sense is great today, you might want to think again.

That is because almost every single style simply evolves. You wouldn’t think those hoop earrings of yours were originally from this current generation right? If you want to know more about how the styles of jewelry changed, then continue reading. 

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Then And Now: Jewelry From Generation To Generation


The 20s have one of the most iconic styles in the history of fashion. You might have seen it in movies like The Great Gatsby. The incredible long sparkly necklaces are accompanied by their large brooches and their gloves with rings. The roaring 20s were the time when long bead necklaces are in. Some of them are tasseled and some of them even have gemstones. Some of the most popular colors during that time were black, gold, red, teal, and more. 

This generation is known for being its elegance. It is like they are always ready for a party. A complete 20s look would be a straight-fitting dress with bangles, rings, necklaces, and a great headpiece. Most women always have a headpiece during this time, that is because most of their hair cannot be styled since extremely short hair was in. The headpiece usually consists of pearls, gems, and even feathers. 


During this time, the Great Depression was just ending but a new war was about to begin. Despite all of the chaos, the world of fashion still manages to make its way through. According to experts, American women were actually pretty crazy for jewelry during this time.

Looks like things haven’t changed since women of today feel that way too. It turns out that metal was difficult to get at that time, so bakelite plastics were in. Gold plated jewelry with a silver base was also very popular in this generation.

The plastics were used to make statement necklaces as well as some brooches. Some women even choose to wear a mix of plastic and wood design together. It was also during this era when embroidered jewelry became popular.


The previous eras have been very classy and elegant. However, when the 1970s came along, the hippie style managed to take over. It is all about colors and bold statements. Since this generation was very bold. Jewelry was not exactly as big of a deal as it was. Minimal accessories were worn since they mildly revived the 20s jewelry. Instead of looking all elegant, they added a little hippie twist into it. 

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Then And Now: Jewelry From Generation To Generation


The new millennium surely made it possible for the style to be enhanced in a new way. It is like every single jewelry style has been mixed and revived in various ways.

It is during this time when they say that the bigger hooped earrings you have, the better. Choker necklaces were also very big. If you think that it is old-fashioned, you might think again because even up to this day, it is on the trend.

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