The Most Valuable Vintage Necklace In The World Today

A necklace is a piece of jewelery that complete an overall stylish look .That’s why you will find most amazing necklaces have existed for centuries now. However, the most valuable vintage necklace collection is dominating the world today.

If you think that seeing the finest necklaces with a million-dollar price tag on it are expensive, you might want to think again. That is because jewellery designers have truly gone above and beyond to create multi-million dollar necklaces. Keep reading to find out more about them.

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The Most Valuable Vintage Necklace In The World Today

A Heritage In Bloom

Known to be the most expensive vintage necklace that has ever been made. The Heritage in Bloom is truly remarkable. This perfectly crafted piece of jewelery was first created by a Chinese jeweler Wallace Chan.It has about 384.4 carats of colorless diamonds, white mutton jades, and pink diamonds.

The diamonds in the Heritage Bloom is said to be sourced from the Cullinan Heritage, with an incredibly rare 507.55-carat diamond. This basically means that the gems on it are pure and perfect. According to sources, people who made the necklace spent over 47,000 hours making it. 

The Incomparable Diamond Necklace

This next piece of jewelery costs $55 million Dollars because of its pendant that weighs 407.48 carats. The Incomparable Diamond necklace actually resembles a vine. With its main stem holding on the big stone and some smaller colorless diamonds along.

According to sources, the yellowish-brown stone which makes it incomparable was found in Congo, Africa. It’s believed to be part of the Smithsonian museum initially before it was to cut and used to make a necklace. It’s known to be the biggest internally flawless diamond in the world

The Heart Of The Ocean

You might be familiar with this one since it is one of the most famous necklaces in film history. This is because, this necklace was originally just a fictional one. It was then featured in the 1997 Hollywood film Titanic. This basically urged jewellers all over the world to create a real one.

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The Most Valuable Vintage Necklace In The World Today

Known as the Heart of the Ocean, Harry Winston created a $20 million version of it. Its has silver chain with a big heart-shaped sapphire in the middle with surrounding mini diamonds. 

The Marie Antoinette Necklace

This vintage necklace is named after the former France queen, Marie Antoinette and was designed by De Beers. This particular necklace features a 1.84-carat pink diamond. it also have some other diamonds surround it for decoration purposes. According to experts, this is actually a great representation of how lavish Marie Antoinette was during her reign.

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