The Best Vintage Jewelry India Brands That You Must Know

vintage jewelry india

Jewelry does not age and women need jewelry for all occasions that enhance the look of their outfit. There are some gemstones, platinum, gold, and silver jewelry that does not lose its shine. You can wear this jewelry years after you bought it and it never goes out of fashion. Vintage jewelry is something that will never be boring as you can pair it with multiple outfits. It adorns you for years and then you pass it on to the next generation so that they can adorn themselves with it.

This is a continuous cycle that goes on for years but the jewelry never becomes obsolete. There are many jewelry brands that sell vintage jewelry if you want to buy some for your use. You can check the list of vintage jewelry India brands so that you can choose which one has the type of vintage jewelry India that you wish to buy. All these brands are famous all over the world for their fine craft and unique designs that stand out among the crowd and make heads turn.


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This is one of the most widely known brands in India and most women buy their high-end jewelry from this brand. The brand offers all kinds of jewelry from necklaces, rings, bangles to pendants. You can buy any piece of fine jewelry from this store. The brand also has some of the vintage jewelry pieces that you can buy for yourself.

When it comes to gold and diamonds, then this is the most trusted brand in the country. It also promises its customers novelty, safety, exchange, and easy return which is great. If you are wondering about vintage jewelry then take note that this brand recreated the vintage jewelry collection for the saga Padmaavat. This is one of the best stores that you can visit if you are looking for some amazing vintage jewelry pieces.


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This brand has existed since the 17th century and it is famous for its high-end pieces of jewelry. You can buy jewelry that reflects the stunning craftsmanship of the workers and makes you feel like an absolute queen. The jewelry represents the pre-British Mughal era which was famous for the Kundan Meena jewelry. It is considered to be one of the oldest forms of jewelry that exists until now. It is the brand that represents vintage jewelry like no other brand.

Goenka India

This brand has existed since the mid-nineteenth century and is famous for the stunning high-end jewelry made of diamonds and gemstones. Many celebrities from all over the world wear this jewelry for photo shoots and movies as well. Their jewelry is a unique combination of style and glory that makes you shine when you wear this jewelry with your dress.


There are many vintage jewelry India brands that you can choose from so that your jewelry stands out. You have to ensure that you see what your requirements are and then buy the jewelry. These brands are very high-end and you have to invest money to buy the jewelry that these brands sell. But, the jewelry is worth every penny that you spend on it because of the beauty and elegance.

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