The Best Of 50s Jewelry Designers

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The 50s is truly a remarkable year when it comes to fashion and jewelry. It is the time when some of the iconic pieces of jewelry were invented. It was also the time when most plastic pieces became very popular because of the metal shortage.

Of course, all of this will not be possible without the great designers that decade. If you want to find out more about them, then be sure to just keep reading.

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The Best Of 50s Jewelry Designers


The very first one is the company known as Trifari. You might be familiar with Tiffany’s but this one is actually famous for its costume jewelry. Trifari was founded in 1925 by a man named Gustavo Trifari. He has been making some costume jewelry pieces since the beginning of the 1900s.

Most of the company’s pieces were used in some Broadway musicals and some of them were sold in malls. Because of their success, they were actually considered as the largest manufacturer of costume jewelry in the United States at that time.

They are actually so well known that the United Kingdom also wanted Trifari to distribute their costume jewelry to their country. This is the time when Trifari thought it would be great to do a “Coronation Gems” series to honor the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. One of their best jewelers, Alfred Philippe, designed the Trifari Crown pins. It had some crystal stones with brightly colored cabochons.


If the Trifary company was known to produce costume jewelry for musicals and malls, Corocraft also referred to as Coro were the ones producing costume jewelry for the film industry. They became very famous for producing pressed glass and plastic sets of jewelry in floral designs. It was believed that they got the inspiration from the Victorian era. If you see some of their pieces today, they most likely involve roses, daisies, sunflowers, tulips, and orchids.

They also have a specific line for bridal and high-end pieces known as Vendome. Some of their most popular pieces were chokers that have a lot of rhinestones on them. Vendome also got some silver-plated colored stone bangles which became one of their best-sellers at that time. As for their bridal collection, bead necklaces, pearls, as well as delicate flower strands were a thing.

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The Best Of 50s Jewelry Designers

Sarah Coventry

Last but not least is the company that was established in 1949 called Sarah Coventry. It was actually founded by a man named Charles Stuart. He got the name from his granddaughter and combined it with the name of a town in England. Unlike the other jewelry companies, Sarah Coventry was famous for buying pieces of jewelry from freelancers.

He then decided to work with manufacturers to be able to make some necklaces, brooches, earrings, watches, and bracelets. They managed to produce some designs but it was mass-made. Most of them are in geometric shapes, flowers, bows, and stars. However, they also made some exclusive collections during the holidays.

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