Style Guide On Wearing Old Fashioned Jewelry

Styles usually change every single era. That is completely understandable since it can be boring if it doesn’t. It is commonly set by fashion experts and stylists all over the world. They dress models and celebrities and once it goes trending, it will be considered as the style of a specific timeline. Nowadays, the style is very minimalistic towards men and women.

Wearing pieces of jewelry are very vague nowadays. This is totally different from the style before which proves that it actually evolves. However, there are times when you can mix and match your clothes and accessories using some old fashioned jewelry. Keep reading to find out how you can style them. 

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Style Guide On Wearing Old Fashioned Jewelry

Bold And Beautiful

Most people are a little afraid of being too bold and beautiful nowadays. Which is why they are kind of intimidated when trying to wear old fashioned jewelry. A lot of them also find it difficult to match some pieces together. Fashion stylists say that it is all about how you carry it and the confidence it provides you. 

Your comfortability is also very important because it is not ideal to wear accessories if you are uneasy. Wearing bold and beautiful jewelry does not have to be extreme. You may wear a bold necklace without having to pair it up with bold earrings and bracelets. What matters most is that you will be able to wear them in confidence because that’s what makes it beautiful.

Ring Stacks

There was also a time when stacking rings was a major trend. It was not just about stacking, it was also about wearing different styles of rings at the same time. There are some women who might think that it is a bit much.

However, it is all about picking out the right vintage pieces that may go well together. It is not about wearing them all at the same time for the sake of style. You must be able to mix them well. If you are having a hard time picking then find some inspirational looks online. 

Pairing Jewelry With Outfits

This is the most important matter when pairing vintage jewelry. Keep in mind that your accessories must go well with your outfit and not the other way round.

If you want to go for a casual look, simply wear minimalistic style with plain clothing and bold vintage jewelry. If you want to wear a bold style of clothing then you might want to go for an elegant but none flashy-type of jewelry.

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Style Guide On Wearing Old Fashioned Jewelry

Wear A Brooch

When it comes to vintage wear, there will always be a brooch involved in the outfit. This usually completes the outfit without having to wear too much jewelry. It is known to be classic and versatile, which is why it is ideal to still wear them today.

You may simply attach it to your dress, blouse, jacket, and event hats and scarfs. It can be such a unique touch to the entire outfit. No piece of jewelry or accessory will go out of style if only you know how to style them.

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