Studs for shirts and their types


Studs are the buttons or press-studs which are used for decoration or fastening purposes on clothes. These studs are attached permanently to the fabric, jacket, shirt by stitching them tightly together.

Types of Studs:

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1) Bullet Style Studs: It is one of the best stud types that fits nicely into any dress shirt. The rounded bullet design looks very stylish within any suit or formal dress shirt and goes well with your daily business attire at the workplace. They look very elegant & extraordinary in appearance. These studs further enhance your professional look making you stand out from others wherever you go. Buttons increase the formality of a suit as they give it an elevated feel compared to Tuxedo Shirt Studs.

2) Bamboo Style Studs :

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These studs are round in shape with a bamboo style pattern on them, they look very elegant and attractive that you can wear them at special occasions like weddings, parties or any other social gathering events as well as for daily use at the office. The best part of these studs is their colour which looks very trendy and trendy due to their simple & sober design. They provide a nice finish to formal as well as casual shirts as the size of buttons is small but still gives an exclusive look. This Button style of stud adds an extra charm to your outfit making it more classy and sophisticated. At first glance, these studs might not appear to be different from regular shirt buttons but might actually give a unique appeal to your dress shirt. They are used in formal settings much more common than others.

3) Butterfly Style Studs :

Butterfly style studs are studs that have a butterfly design on them which gives an elegant look. It can be worn during parties, events or any other occasions where you want to look good & stand out among the crowd. These studs are very user friendly as they can be fixed with one hand. The best part of these Bulls is their simplicity and it adds a unique touch to your formal outfits making you look really classy. You can wear them daily at the office also due to their simple design & fashionable looks. This button type is ideal for guys who prefer subtle elegance over loud statement pieces. This will be the best choice for enhancing your formal outfits.

4) Princess Style Studs:

These are one of the most beautiful looking studs that have a princess style diamond-shaped decoration on them which makes them look outstanding & very stylish. It gives an attractive appearance to any shirt due to its unique design. This type will perfectly suit both casual as well as formal occasions. The buttons are beautifully designed with diamond shapes making them ideal for the festive season like Diwali, Christmas etc. They enhance your gala dressing style & provide you with a rich feel. You can also use these studs daily at the office because of their simplicity and soberness. These are used commonly in parties, wedding ceremonies or any kind of social gathering events where you want to stand out of the crowd.

5) One Hole Style Studs:

These are the studs that have only one small hole in them & are used on shirts with buttonhole techniques. This kind of button looks very elegant, stylish & attractive which you can wear at any occasions whether it is parties, wedding ceremonies or any other social gatherings. The perfect suit of all formal outfits makes you look charming among your peers. These types of buttons increase the formality of a suit as they give it an elevated feel compared to Tuxedo Shirt buttons. You can use them daily at the office because of their simplicity and soberness.

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