Protecting Antique Jewelry: 5 Top Tips!

Protecting Antique Jewelry: 5 Top Tips!

If you own antique jewelry, then we know that it is quite dear to you. Whether you have antique jewelry that has been passed down to you from your previous generations, or you have brought a vintage piece of jewelry from the store, your jewelry is definitely priceless. And should be done to protect your investment so that it can be treasured forever? To ensure your antique pieces of jewelry are well-cared for, you need to follow the tips given below.

Store Antique Jewelry Pieces Separately 

Antique jewelry pieces, especially those made of gold and silver can wear quickly. So, to prevent them from wearing paper-thin, you need to save them from all the unnecessary damage. To do this, store your antique jewelry pieces in separate boxes. It’s a wise idea to cover your jewelry in cotton before storing them. Remember to keep the items in a durable and sturdy jewelry case or container. The case should have a tight lid so that your items stay safe from moisture, sun, and air.

Protecting Antique Jewelry: 5 Top Tips!
Protecting Antique Jewelry: 5 Top Tips!

Keep Antique Jewelry Away From Direct Sunlight

The heat from the sunlight has the ability to tarnish or fade the metals. Direct sunlight can also lead to cracking of opals. Therefore, it’s important to keep your vintage jewelry away from sunlight. The best is to store them away from your windows. Never keep them on a dresser that is close to the window that is a source of direct sunlight. The best idea is to keep your jewelry in a cool and dry place.

Clean Them Regularly

Periodic cleaning of antique jewelry items is a must if you want to protect them and make them last longer. Start the cleaning process by first inspecting the item with a magnifying glass. Have a close look at the raised details of the jewelry that attracts dirt quickly. Clean the raised areas and rest of the jewelry with a mild soap solution (prefer natural soap) and a toothbrush. Let the soap or cleaner stay for a minute, then wash the jewelry with clean and cool water. Dry the jewelry with a dry and clean cloth.

Safety Tip: Do not use harsh chemicals like bleach or domestic cleaners to clean your vintage jewelry. Also, do not use salt water for cleaning. It’s better to take your jewelry to the jeweler and ask him to deeply clean your jewelry pieces.

Oil Them Once A Year

Protecting Antique Jewelry: 5 Top Tips!
Protecting Antique Jewelry: 5 Top Tips!

Oiling the vintage jewelry once a year is crucial to prevent it from becoming brittle. Apply a good quality of mineral oil, and let it soak in by leaving the oiled jewelry for a few hours. Once the oil gets soaked sufficiently, wipe the excess oil by washing it with a small brush dipped in a mild soap solution. Dry the jewelry completely before keeping it again inside its container.  

Get Your Vintage Jewelry Pieces Fitted By A Professional

If you want any adjustments for your antique jewelry, take it to a professional rather than doing them on your own. Make sure the professional should be certified. This will ensure that your jewelry will stay safe and protected.

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