Most Expensive Vintage Jewelry Of Today

If you truly want to see what the world has to offer, then you got to dig deep. It is well-known all over the world how difficult it is to mine precious stones. This is also what makes them expensive. The rarer a particular gem is, the most pricey it can get.

However, its age may also be a contributing factor to it. Most especially if they have been owned by royals and socialites for decades. These are just some of the things that make vintage jewelry even more expensive. To give you an idea of how pricey they can actually be, here are some of them. 

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Most Expensive Vintage Jewelry Of Today

The Hope Diamond

When vintage jewelry is involved, there is one particular diamond that stands out the most. That is the $250 million Hope Diamond. It is known to be the most expensive jewel in the world at the moment. The diamond has a majestic look with 45.52 carats on it. It is very famous all over the world and its unusual blue color makes it even more special. The price has increased over the years because of its mysterious history. Legend has it that whoever wears or owns the Hope Diamond will be cursed. It is also said that anyone who touches it will receive bad luck. 

However, these are just rumors that made the diamond even more famous. It turns out that it was actually way bigger before. It was originally found in the mines of Southern India. The diamond has been cut a couple of times after it was stolen and sold.

Peacock Brooch 

Aside from the Hope Diamond, the Peacock Brooch is also making its name in history. Even if it does not have an interesting history like the previous one, it is still expensive. This piece of vintage jewelry is actually made by Graff Diamonds. It is worth $100 million containing 120.81 carats. It also has a mix of 1,300 different colored stones. 

What makes this special is its rare dark blue pear-shaped diamond right in the middle. Because of its value, no one knows who currently owns the brooch. Its location is currently unknown as well. 

Pink Star

If you are familiar with the Pink Panther diamond, then this might ring a bell. The Pink Star is a 59.6-carat diamond that was originally found over almost two decades ago in South Africa. Unfortunately, this particular diamond was 132.5 carats, but it was cut. It was graded as the largest Internally Flawless pink diamond in the world. That is all according to the Gemology Institute of America

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Most Expensive Vintage Jewelry Of Today

L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace

The L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace, on the other hand, got an unusual history to it. This 407.48-carat diamond is considered to be the largest Internally Flawless yellow diamond in the world. You might think that this kind of rare gem was dug by miners deep within the center of the earth. It turns out that it was actually discovered by a young girl in mining rubble in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Every diamond carries its own history. That is basically what makes them stand out from the rest. These are just some of the most expensive pieces of vintage jewelry in the world today.

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