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art deco jewelry

Art deco jewelry is a prominent style of jewelry that was present in the 1920s and 1930s. Abstract designs using gems and diamonds in contrasting colors and geometric patterns characterize it. Suffragettes and flappers wanted long necklaces, rings, bracelets, and long earrings, which complemented their short hair, skirts with a new sense of self. So, of course, art deco was a major hit. Its beauty still captivates us to this day and age. Jewelry from the art deco era speaks to the sensibilities and heart of modern-day brides who prefer simple geometric lines. So instead of buying a vintage ring from that period, it may be more beneficial to design your jewelry using.

  • Art Deco designs in mind.
  • Art Deco Jewelry Designs

The rings of the Art Deco period are the most famous and most popular. If you want to make your ring, the following designs listed can help you decide which design to get:

● Geometric Shape- 

Using geometric shapes is one of the most defining characteristics of the period. Shapes like circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles are used in this type of design which is meant for the modern, streamlined spirit of the time. The geometric motif of the Art Deco period is carried into the choices of diamond shapes and gemstones which incorporate unusual shapes such as shields, marquis, baguettes, emerald cut, triangles, and pear.

● Bold Contrasting Colours- 

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Colour contrasts in bold are a signature style of the era, and dramatic results have been achieved by using rubies, emeralds, diamonds, and sapphires. Turquoise, jade, coral, lapis lazuli are also used to make some unique colorful traits. You

have many gemstones to choose from if you are looking forward to adding more color to the jewelry, but one of the boldest color contrasts is stark black and white, which is a signature combination of the Art Deco style.

● Diamonds And Platinum- 

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The gemstone of choice during the Art Deco period was diamonds that were often set in platinum, which was preferred for its resistance and strength to tarnish. The malleability of platinum allowed the designers to create intricate

and precise outlines and shapes which was typical of the jewelry present in that era. The most popular and visually striking combination of that era is colorless, large diamond, which was set in platinum with symmetrical diamond side stones.

● Diamond Cuts- 

The two cuts which you can replicate in your Art Deco design rings is an emerald cut diamond which has a simple, clean symmetrical outline invoking elegance, and the other cut called faceted round brilliant cut diamond, also referred to as transitional cuts or old European cuts. These cuts have larger cutlets, lower half facets, smaller table facets, and star facets, and if one of these is tilted, different face-up patterns of light and dark are seen.


Art Deco Jewelry is a very old but popular product. Making one may be cheaper than buying one from that era; we hope we can help you know about the Art Deco era, which can help you to select the perfect jewelry of your choice.

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