How to Know What is Valuable Antique Jewelry -

How to Know What is Valuable Antique Jewelry

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If you have a lot of valuable antique jewelry, you probably already know that it’s not necessarily worth very much. But if you don’t, then you need to know how to determine its value. Jewelry is often classified by age, rarity, and condition. All three are important when determining its value. Most people look at its age first, but that’s not always the best way to determine its value. Here are a few tips to help you determine the value of your precious pieces.

There are several available, so look for one that offers a comprehensive list of criteria for valuation. Generally, the more rare and difficult to find a piece is the higher its value will be. However, don’t let that discourage you. Often, very hard to find items can fetch high prices on auction.

Antique engagement rings and other vintage jewelry are sometimes very valuable. Antique engagement rings and other vintage rings will appeal to a number of different prospective buyers. Some collectors prefer to focus on rare or hard to find diamond jewelry, while others are more interested in gold vintage jewelry, vintage pearl jewelry, or other types of rare and vintage items. It all depends on what type of rare item you’re looking for. If you’re simply trying to find something to wear once in your lifetime as a fashion statement, then you probably don’t care that much about the value.

Easy To Recognize

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Antiques such as vintage lace, costume jewelry, and fine jewelry can be very valuable antique jewelry. It’s also easy to recognize valuable antique jewelry pieces. For example, there are prongs and teeth that are often left on old sets of jewelry. Fine antique prongs and teeth would be easy to spot, since the metal prongs would stand out from other vintage items. It’s not always possible to match costume jewelry pieces with existing designs, but the same can be said for old lace or other fine jewelry.

If you don’t know the specific year the piece is from, then you need to get help from an appraiser. Valuable antique jewelry appraisal services will give you a price range for the piece. You can find a local antique jewelry appraisal service by asking your friends, family members, or search online. Some sites allow you to look through their extensive database for a price range and may even offer free pricing quotes. This allows you to compare items so that you can decide if it’s a good deal.

In addition to determining the value of your valuable antique jewelry, it’s also important to determine the period of time that your piece is from. The period of time that an antique jewelry piece was created can tell you many things about how the piece was made…and what kind of workmanship was done. For example, you may have found a beautiful 18c. sterling silver Deco engagement ring…but if it was created at the turn of the century, does it really matter?

Status Symbol

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On the other hand, there are some very valuable antique jewelry pieces that were created during a time when jewelry was considered a status symbol. Take for example a necklace or a brooch created during the late Victorian era. At the time, diamonds were rare and expensive…not to mention that women who owned them could be viewed as well-off and classy. While a diamond engagement ring in this era would definitely be valuable, it’s the rarity of the piece that really makes it valuable.

Another thing that determines value is quality. Just because a prong is made out of brass doesn’t necessarily mean that it was made to be used on silver necklaces or other gold items.

Final Verdict

To determine value, you need to look at the overall quality of the item. And don’t think that you need to own the item to know its value…a diamond engagement ring, for example, can be fairly valuable (even more so than a platinum one! ).

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