How To Identify Antique and Vintage Jewelry

If you are into old-fashioned jewelry, then you must be interested in both the antique and vintage jewelry. What most people do not realize is that these two are not exactly interchangeable terms.

Despite the fact that they may be older than modern ones, their designs and prices vary. However, not a lot of people are aware of their difference. This is why we will be giving you a bit of information so you can easily identify whether something is antique or vintage jewelry.

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How To Identify Antique and Vintage Jewelry

Antique Jewelry

What most people need to realize is that not everything that is too old can be considered as cheap and not everything that is new is expensive. If something is antique, this basically means that it is over a hundred years old. Not everything that is old is antique because the term old simply refers to how long the item has existed. 

Some samples of antique jewelry are anything from the 1800s or older. They are usually very valuable since they are incredibly rare nowadays. Its value can go up most especially if it has a famous history behind it. This is one of the reasons why some antique jewelry can go up to millions at an auction. Antique jewelry were mostly owned by prominent persons in history. However, the authenticity of antique jewelry can be a little difficult to identify. 

That is why only experts will be able to tell if a specific piece of jewelry is antique or not. Some people might not be able to tell if something a counter fit of the original jewelry or not. Before you buy something that is extraordinarily expensive, its important to first do some research. Mostly, a antique jewelry that is truly valuable cannot be found in antique shops.

Vintage Jewelry

Vintage Jewelry originated from the past decades. It is actually easier to find vintage jewelry nowadays since mass extraction is possible. It is not exactly a big deal if you have a reproduced vintage jewelry since its more of the trend. If you want to get your hands on some vintage jewelry, they are available on online shops. Its supply and demand are not as hectic as antique. This is also the reason why they are way cheaper than antique jewelry.

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How To Identify Antique and Vintage Jewelry

A lot of jewelers can manufacture vintage jewelry, but it’s very difficult to recreate something that is over hundreds of years. The materials needed and how its made are different from the current ones. Despite the advanced technology, antique jewelry is special because of the time it was made and what it is made of.

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