How to Find Valuable Vintage Fine Jewelry

vintage fine jewelry

Vintage Fine Jewelry: The Art of the Deal. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of shopping vintage and wanting the next great deal. There are thousands of vintage stores, both online and in brick and mortar stores, that carry a wide variety of different styles of jewelry at competitive prices. Many jewelers are actually owned by large jewelry companies who are promoting newer lines and collections. With so much competition from so many different companies selling jewelry, it’s sometimes hard to make a good deal. But with the help of vintage consignment stores, you can get the best deal around for vintage jewelry – no matter where you shop!

An Overview

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When you are looking for a good vintage fine jewelry piece to add to your collection, you have to know what to look for. Are you buying vintage jewelry to resell, or are you buying it to make a good investment? If you are buying vintage fine jewelry to resell, you’ll need to know the style and price of each individual item that you are interested in selling so that you can price your items accordingly. This may require some research on your part, but the payoff in the long run will be worth the extra effort. When you are buying vintage items to make a good investment, you have to know the current value of the items so that you can offer an attractive price for them.

You should know which period of time you’re focusing on when you are shopping for fine vintage jewelry. There are lots of different styles of jewelry to choose from, including everything from early American watches to Victorian-style bracelets. Some items may even date back to earlier periods such as the ancient Chinese Zodiac signs. Look at the pieces you like the most and then look up their values. If you have an antique piece that you love, you may even be able to trade it with someone else to get a newer, more valuable piece.

Finding Vintage Fine Jewelry

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If you are buying vintage fine jewelry to make a good investment, you should keep in mind what the current market values of that item are. Many people don’t look at the value of vintage fashion jewelry items in terms of their true value, so if something goes up in value, so does the price of these items. However, some people are so focused on the beauty of the pieces that they end up letting their fear of losing money to keep them from buying items at a good price. In reality, there are still some great buys to be had, so don’t let yourself become so wrapped up in what everyone else is buying that you miss out.

Another important thing to keep in mind when you are buying vintage fine jewelry or contemporary jewelry is to make sure that the store you are buying from has a good reputation. You can usually tell if a store is reputable just by reading the front door. Does it open with a big, inviting sign? And do you feel comfortable as you walk in and look around?

One of the best places to find well-known, well-owned pieces is at estate sales and flea markets. These places are great for finding some really nice vintage fine jewelry and other nice fashion jewelry pieces that have been well taken care of. However, estate sales and flea markets are also packed with people trying to sell their old stuff, so this is not always a good place to go. Of course, you could also visit garage sales and thrift stores, but their stock is usually just sitting around or being thrown out, so you won’t know if it’s still in good shape.

Bottom Line

I hope that this article has given you a few new places to go when it comes to buying some truly vintage, fine jewelry. Keep in mind that there are many different types of antique jewelry from a number of different eras, so you definitely want to be sure you’re getting the right piece before you make any purchases. But these three places definitely have their pros and cons, so choose according to your personal preferences.

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