How Is A High Quality Jewelry Defined

What most people think is that only an expert jeweler is able to identify if a piece of jewelry is real. However, you do not necessarily have to study gemology and have the equipment to know the basics.

It is quite tough indeed, but there are actually a few basic ways on how to define one. Here are a few tips on how you can define a piece of high quality jewelry.

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How Is A High Quality Jewelry Defined

When Did They Start Making Low-Quality Jewelry

During the 1800s, it can be quite difficult to actually make fake or low-quality jewelry. That is because the necessary tools and materials have not been discovered yet. However, it all started to change during the 1920s. This is when designers began to experiment with fashion. 

They had to think of a way to create fashionable statements without having to spend so much money on high quality jewels. This is when they started to replace platinum and gold with brass, copper, and tin. They also used rhinestones, cubic zirconia, and glass to replace expensive gems and stones. 

Difference Between Low Quality And High Quality Jewelry

It may be quite difficult at first, but once you check the details, it’s easier. Low-quality jewelry is commonly referred to as costume or fashion jewelry. While the high-end ones are referred to as fine jewelry. Fashion jewels are usually mass-produced. This basically means that you can get it almost anywhere for an affordable price. They are usually made of plastic with some rhinestones and glass. Cubic zirconia is one of the most popular ones that is being used in the industry today. 

In the movies, Ocean’s 8, a group of thieves created a replica of a vintage necklace by Cartier using cubic zirconium. They managed to exchange it with the real one and nobody thought it was fake. Not until it was time to be returned to Cartier when the jeweler checked it. 

Tips On Buying High Quality Jewelry

Some of the oldest jewelers like Cartier, often make the finest pieces. This is one of the reasons why there are so many fakes available anywhere in the world. With modern technology, it is way too easy to create or copy anything. If you are a fan of costume jewelry, then it is so easy for you to get your hands on one. They are available literally anywhere, such as the malls, and most of all, the internet. 

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How Is A High Quality Jewelry Defined

When it comes to fine ones, it is ideal to go to an accredited jeweler to buy one. There is no other secure place to purchase it. Some jewelers have an online store like Tiffany & Co, but be sure that you are in the right place. You may also try to get fine jewelry at pawnshops, but if you do not know what you are doing, you might not get a good deal. 

Keep in mind that with basic knowledge and caution, you will be able to identify which is a real one or not. It is all about common sense, do not buy something that you are unsure of.

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