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Gorgeous Wire Wrapped Jewelry Ideas You Can Try Yourself At Home

wire wrapped jewelry ideas

Jewelry is perhaps the greatest interest for young ladies among dresses, shoes and sacks. Jewelry is required for each formal or casual event irrespective of the occasion. Whether she is heading off to college or to office, a girl never quite feels complete without at least one piece of jewelry. What’s more, there’s no doubt about the high amounts the women spend on buying jewelry every now and then. Be that as it may, what about holding on to your cash by making some jewelry of your own for a wide range of occasions and events? Yes, you can easily make some amazing jewelry pieces at home with just the least of efforts and also maybe within no time at all. Want to know how? Your answer is, using wires! So, if you are as excited as us, here are some wire wrapped jewelry ideas that you can definitely try at home.

Spiral Wire Wrapped Necklace, Earrings And Bracelet

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If you are just starting off with making wire wrapped jewelry then spirals might be a good foot to start off on. It is easy to make and can be worn with multiple attires and on many occasions. Besides, if you are not much of a fan of simple jewelry ideas, then you can also insert beads in the loops and make one catchy piece of jewelry for yourself. Just one thing you should definitely take care of is to get the shape right, because at the end of the day, if it doesn’t actually look like a spiral, then your efforts might end up going to waste.

Filigree Wire Earrings

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Although this is for the ones who have already set their hands, it is surely fun to make. You need to invest a lot of concentration, and I wouldn’t lie, also a lot of effort, but if you end up doing it perfectly, it is surely going to look absolutely pretty and you are going to love it! You can either go for a vanilla earring or you can add beads and charms to the filigree hoops and make a dazzling earring. Either way, you are sure to create one attractive piece of earring.

Wire Wrapped Anklets

Anklets look pretty and wire wrapped anklets are really easy to make. All you need to do is get your hands on a few charms and string them together and voila! You have your pretty anklet ready. But the one thing you need to make sure is that if you are planning on wearing that anklet everyday, you definitely need to buy a wire that won’t rust away only within a few days. My bet would be on a copper wire because they not only look pretty but are also durable and you can wear them for days at an end, that too on a daily basis!

Wrapping Up

These were our top picks for wire wrapped jewelry ideas. Let us know which one would you like to try at home first.

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