Facts About Antique Jewellery Per Era

It can be quite difficult to identify which antique jewelry actually belongs to a specific era. If you want to start a collection, then extensive research is necessary. Every single era stands out because of how it enhances its previous items. Every modern style today was inspired by these antiques.

You can ask some experts about it, or you can simply keep reading to find out more. It is also best to figure out whether you are looking for authentic antiques or reproduction. Their prices vary.

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Facts About Antique Jewellery Per Era

The Victorian Era

Mid 1800 truly became the start of the Romantic era. When Queen Victoria married her prince. Almost every single jewellery was used to signify love and affection. It was the time when almost every piece was a sentimental gift, especially if it comes from a man. Hearts, flowers, bows, and more had some of the most popular designs. It was also during this time, when mines in South Africa started to discover diamonds. 

However, when Prince Albert died, the Queen became famous for wearing dark-colored gemstones and this lasted for about two decades. The dark stones like, onyx and darker shades of garnet became very popular rings and necklaces. 

Art Nouveau

When it comes to the most unusual colored gemstones, the early 1900 became very popular. It is known to be the people’s revolt against the industrial age. This was the time when artistic expression became a way for people to use it as a form of rebellion.

It became known for the Art Nouveau movement that started in France, which also included some parts of Europe as well as the United States. Floral and other natural motif were also very famous. Hence, they used both precious as well as non-precious metals. Anyone who is into unusually colored gems will surely love this period.

Art Deco

During the early 20th century, Arts in Paris started to reach its height. This was also when, all-white diamonds became very popular. Each design of every piece also depicted some geometric lines and motifs. Not just from Europe but also from Asia and Egypt. Onyx was still very popular, but other stones like jade, rubies, sapphires, and frosted quartz started to strive as well. Pearls were also very popular as long necklaces and bracelets.

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Facts About Antique Jewellery Per Era

Some of the most influential designers in the world of jewels begun during this period. Just like Cartier and Tiffany & Co. Brooches, necklaces, and earrings were the most popular pieces of jewels of the time. Which is why there are notable brooches that can be found in some antique stores. 

Mid-20th Century

When the 50s came along, the elegance of each and every piece of jewel became a thing. This is why some of the most famous jewelers started to create extravagant pieces. Bulgari, Cartier, and Tiffany & Co, created some three-dimensional rings, with animal and floral motif. Precious stones were used and almost every woman at that time aimed to have some.

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