Antique Stores Buying Guide You Need

If you love furniture or collectibles from the past, then antique stores are suitable for you. You might have seen a few items in some antique stores that caught your interest.

There are lamps, tables, chairs, drawers, silverware, porcelain, ceramics, boxes, accessories, and more. It is always fun to look around and see what you can buy. Then again, it turns out that you need a bit of knowledge for you to get a good deal. 

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Antique Stores Buying Guide You Need

However, it can actually be very difficult to find items that are of good quality. This is because there are some items that may not exactly be antique. There are cases wherein some people reproduce items and try to make them look antique. This will make items cost more than they should, which is why you need a simple buying guide to help you out. 

Inspect The Wood

The very first thing that you must notice when it comes to wooden items is if they are shiny. If it is then, it is most likely new. You must also look into its nails. If you are looking into drawers or cabinets, it is best to test its pulls. If the insides of each drawer have a post-and-nut construction, experts say that it is indeed antique. Even if an antique has been cleaned, there will always be some dust and dirt marks left on it. Labels and other markings are essential as well. 

Be Meticulous When It Comes To Arts

When it comes to artwork, it can be very difficult for some to check its quality and authenticity. If you see a famous artwork by a famous artist and it is being sold at a low price, it is not a good deal. That is because it is most likely a remake. Those kinds of artworks must be at auctions and cost thousands of dollars. This is why you must be meticulous and check every single detail. Look at the frames as well as the kind of print that it got. This will help you avoid overpaying for some antiques that are not worth it. 

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Antique Stores Buying Guide You Need

Silver Plate vs Sterling Silver

Last but definitely not least, is identifying silver plate and sterling silver. Silver-plated items are good, but they should not cost that much. They are merely for people who want something elegant without having to spend so much. Sterling silver, on the other hand, is very valuable. No matter how old a sterling silver item is, it can be pricey. In fact, they can last for hundreds of years if they are taken care of. 

Just like real gold, real silver does not get attached to magnets. This is why if you want to get a real silver item at the antique shop, you might want to bring a piece of magnet to check. However, before you get any sterling silver, you must first be aware of its current price at the market. This will help you identify if something is a bargain or not.

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