An Ultimate Guide To Vintage Costume Jewelry Marks - An Ultimate Guide To Vintage Costume Jewelry Marks -

An Ultimate Guide To Vintage Costume Jewelry Marks

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Vintage jewelry is generally known as ‘costume jewelry.’ These are pieces that make a big style and do not include precious stone or real gold. Vintage jewelry is generally around 20 years old. And, it has the craftsmanship and good quality that is more superior to today’s costume jewelry. You might already know that most of its pieces were produced in the United States. This jewelry includes mixed base metal, and then it is triple plated with silver or gold. And in case you have sensitive skin, then vintage jewelry is perfect for you. When it is about cleaning vintage costume jewelry marks, then the first rule you should follow is not to get enamel, pearls, rhine, or any other delicate designs. Whenever you buy any jewelry item, make sure that it is original. You can ensure that by checking vintage costume jewelry marks. If you think you are having a ring of gold, but the ring does not have these markings, then there are enough chances of the ring being a gold costume ring. Costume jewelry generally has some sort of brand or stamp on it. 

Now to find whether your jewelry is real or not, you can use a magnet. It will determine how real your jewelry is. You may already know that silver and gold are not magnetic. So, if your jewelry sticks to the magnet, then it means your jewelry is fake. Many companies use polish and coating that makes the jewelry look real. But, you should know how to find vintage costume jewelry marks. And, here you will know about the different types of vintage costume marks used by the companies. 

Know About Different Types Of Vintage Costume Jewelry Marks 


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Mode-art, which was a Jewellery Company in New York city founded in 1940, was of Arthur Pepper and became very popular. This company used the ” ART” mark as the copyright symbol. Also, marks of ‘Mode Art’ were used by the company on its pieces. 


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During the 1970s, this ‘Chanel’ mark was one of several and used even more while moving into the 1980s. The version had the ‘CHANEL’ symbol in block letters, and it was on a round cartouche. It was completed with the logo of ”CC” and ” Made in France”. It has used different types of marks since 1960, which includes both oval and round cartouche signature plates. Costume jewelry by Chanel was unique and popular. 


Ciner company used somewhat similar vintage costume jewelry marks. It was hard to decipher the jewelry by this brand because it doesn’t have the year on the stamp. If you would ever find a piece of Ciner with a copyright symbol, then it means the piece was not made before 1955.


All the vintage costume jewelry marks can help you in finding the original value of the jewelry. You can also find the name of the company very easily with the help of a jewelry mark. 

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