An Engagement Ring: Six Tips In Choosing

An Engagement Ring: Six Tips In Choosing

An engagement ring is special for the buyer as well as the recipient. It is a symbol of promise and commitment you make with your special someone. If you are about to get married, you will want the perfect ring for your partner. With a plethora of ring styles and designs to choose from, it can get a bit hard for you to choose a good ring. But wail not as the tips mentioned here will let you grab the right engagement ring for that special someone.

Know Your Budget 

Set the minimum, as well as the maximum price you can afford on the ring. Filtering the price range will allow you to inspect only the styles that fall within the range. This will subsequently save a lot of time.

An Engagement Ring: Six Tips In Choosing
An Engagement Ring: Six Tips In Choosing

Choose The Diamond Shape

Diamond engagement rings come in a wide range of shapes, from oval and heart to pear, princess, and many more. Each shape has its own set of characteristics and comes with its own price per carat. For example, one of the most popular diamond shapes is round, which is expensive than other shapes. Make a choice regarding the diamond shape that will look the best on your beloved’s finger.

Select The Metal For The Engagement Ring

Once you have selected the diamond shape, select the metal for your ring. The metal you select will affect the look and feel of the ring so make your decision wisely. If you want something sleek and sophisticated, you can choose platinum. Although platinum is expensive than silver and gold, it has better durability and is hypoallergenic.

The lovers of gold can consider rose gold, yellow gold, or white gold. White gold looks a bit like platinum while rose gold has a warm look and feel. Talking about yellow gold, it has a bright appearance and is sometimes combined with other metals to create a unique contrast.

Pick The setting

There are generally three types of setting for a diamond ring namely bezel, prong, and halo. In the prong setting, the diamond is held with the help of four to six narrow metal supports. The bezel setting style features a thin metal strip around the gem to protect the latter. In the halo setting, the diamond is engulfed by tiny diamonds.

Set The 4c’s

An Engagement Ring: Six Tips In Choosing
An Engagement Ring: Six Tips In Choosing

When we talk about the 4c’s, we mean cut, carat, color, clarity, and clarity of the diamond. The cut is the shape as discussed above. The carat measures the weight of the gem or diamond. A good carat size ranges from 1.0 carat to 2.5 carats. Coming to the color, the color of the diamond can range from colorless to a solid yellow tint. Further, clarity is seen from the inclusions which are tiny blemishes on the diamond. Fewer the inclusions, the better will be the clarity of the diamond. You can choose VSI or VS2 grading for an engagement ring.

Consider The Ring Style

There are many ring styles to choose from. You can settle for a solitaire diamond ring or three-stone ring. For the latter, you can pick something unique like a combination of two sapphires and a white diamond. What’s more, you can also look for a multi-gemstone ring.

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