An Amazing Guide To Vintage Brooches In History

Brooches have been very popular since the 18th century. They are known to be one of the most popular pieces of jewelry that can be worn by both men and women. Even if it is no longer very popular today, there are still people who collect them and are fascinated by them.

However, it can be quite difficult for some to identify a particular style of the brooch. If you want to find out more about it, then just keep reading.

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An Amazing Guide To Vintage Brooches In History

Aigrette Brooches

During the early 18th century, feather-shaped gems that are attached to gold or silver is the kind of brooch that almost everyone wore. It was one of the most fashionable pieces at that time. Aigrette brooches were not only meant to be pinned on the clothes but also on the hair. It was also often attached to diadems or tiaras. 

Sash Pin

A sash pin is actually a type of brooch that was used to secure a sash on a lady’s hip. It was very common to wear a sash back in the late 1800. It comes from the side of the shoulder and goes all the way to the other side of the hip. Some of these pins have very thick stems since the fabrics of the dresses have a lot of layers.

En Tremblant Brooches

This one has got to be one of the most popular brooches in history. In fact, some of them were even worn by women during corporate and formal events. The “En Tremblant” actually means to tremble and this brooch is usually designed as a flower. According to some experts, this particular brooch has always been set with either rose-cut or old-mine cut diamonds.

The tremble effect was actually used when the light of the candle hits the diamonds on the brooches. Electricity was not yet developed back then which is why it was known to be very striking into the candle lights.

Grand Tour Brooches

When the 19th century hit, aristocratic families and noblemen usually travel to Venice, Florence, and Rome. There they could find souvenirs such as brooches that are referred to as Grand Tour Brooches. It was named as such because these brooches contain pictorial scenes of a specific place, animal, or architecture. Some of them are engraved or painted to either glass or stone. This also signifies the status of a person, since only wealthy people are able to have some leisure travel during that time.

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An Amazing Guide To Vintage Brooches In History

Love Brooches

Last but not least, there are what they call love or sweetheart brooches. These are said to be the type of brooch that soldiers gave their loved ones before they leave for the war.

They are usually made from silver sheets with some messages on them. It is considered to be the most sentimental jewelry of the Victorian Era. They are quite rare today, so if you manage to get your hands on one from antique stores, that’s a catch.

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