Amazing Styles Of 50s Jewelry

From Marilyn Monroe to Elizabeth Taylor, the world of fashion and accessories totally changed during the 50s. After the Second World War ended, the fashion industry was transformed. New pieces of clothing with new styles were becoming a thing. This was also the time when tiny waists became popular.

The total transformation in fashion also gave way to 50s jewelry. What most young people do not know is that there is a wide range of choices during this era. Most especially when it comes to pieces of jewelry.

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Amazing Styles of 50s Jewelry

This is the time when women wore matching jewelry. It was then referred to as parure, wherein the earrings, necklace, bracelets, and rings are matched and worn all together. There were times when there is even a brooch included to complete the look. Let us travel back in time to see some of the most amazing styles of 50s jewelry.

Colorful Jewelry

Since it was considered to be a post-war era, it is highly encouraged to wear flashy jewelry. It was to symbolize the rainbow that comes after every stormy rain. A lot of famous women in Hollywood occasionally wore them during that time. This influenced many women to match their colorful accessories to their clothes. It is also during this time when bracelets are chunky and brooches were as colorful as they can be. A lot of designers like Dior even added colorful jewelry to their pieces of clothing. 

Pearl Jewelry

Pearl jewelry will never go out of style. However, during the 50s, it was worn mostly as necklaces and earrings. A layer of pearl necklaces was very popular during this era. It was usually worn with smart casual dresses. Most women wore a single pearl earring during the day while drop pearl earrings were meant for a little more formal nights. The late actress, Grace Kelly, who became a royalty, wore pearls a lot during her time in the spotlight.

Lucite and Plastics

What most people do not know is that lucite was also used for jewelry back in the 50s. That is because this specific type of plastic was used during the war. However, when the war ended, they were no longer necessary. This is one of the reasons why they were utilized by designers and turn them into the most fashionable jewelry. 

According to fashion historians, lucite actually comes in almost every color and finish. This made it easier for people to manufacture pieces of jewelry. Since they were made of plastic, they were not as expensive as the others. They are comparable to some plastic jewelry today. 

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Amazing Styles of 50s Jewelry


There was a metal shortage during the Second World War, which is why rhinestones were difficult to get. That is why once the war was over, the popularity of rhinestones increased again. They became even more highly in-demand during this era. The touch of sparkles attached to the dresses, hats, and even handbags were very popular. 

Most women wear jewelry made of rhinestones during the evening and formal events. They often wear a necklace with simple earrings. Some also choose to wear a brooch instead of a necklace. This is a way for them to wear extravagant sparkly earrings.

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