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A Peek Into the Hidden Indian Antique Jewelry Box

indian antique jewelry

Every Indian will connect with this. Yes, talking about the Indian Antique Jewelry is so much fun. Moreover, it opens a closet of all the beautiful gems, crystals, and metals that your grannies used to flaunt. Now, any of you will sound a bit confused. Furthermore, there are people who confuse Vintage and Antique. Well, you need not be confused. Moreover, you can call a piece of antique, if it is over 100 years old. Indian antique jewelry is something; each Indian may own. Furthermore, at least one piece is there in each cupboard. Moreover, these pieces have a story to tell. They have seen human evolution in its entirety.

The Attraction And Enigma Indian Antique Jewelry

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All kinds of antique pieces have a time-worn look. You will agree on that part. Moreover, many art connoisseurs love to collect such pieces for the allure. Furthermore, they are highly in demand today. Furthermore, you can easily identify these pieces, from their pre-worn look. Additionally, they are studded with gems and stones, worth mention. Mostly royals wore these valuable pieces, made in gold, silver, and platinum. Moreover, if you go through your granny’s jewelry box, you will be able to spot some of the stones. Furthermore, there are semi-precious stones and precious ones, as well. There are rubies, emeralds, sapphires, agates, and tourmalines. Moreover, you will be mesmerized. Indian antique jewelry is a rarity.

Different Styles Of Antique Jewelry

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· Thewa – Is one such style. Moreover, you can go back to the 16th century with this piece. Moreover, many artisans in Rajasthan and Gujarat are still making these. Furthermore, the art involves an amalgamation of 23K gold with differently colored beads. Most of the kings of yesteryear were keen on procuring such pieces.

· Meenakari – Is another variety of Indian antique jewelry that is quite famous. Moreover, this artistic jewelry form has enamel. Furthermore, you can still spot these pieces in the high class and royal houses. Most of the wonderful colors tend to be reflected in these pieces. Silver and gold are common metals in this style.

· Kundankari – Is another top piece in the antique segment. Moreover, you will find that these pieces will be adorned with rubies, sapphires, and other colored gemstones. Rajasthan and Gujarat royals are quite popular for keeping this style with them. Furthermore, Meena is one of the differentiators in this style. There are various pieces like necklaces, earrings, wristlets, and anklets.

· Jadau – Is as the name suggests – an enigma in itself. The jewelry form is a combination of Meenakari and Kundankari. Moreover, you will find that this piece has a few of the finest settings of stones and embellishments from the Mughal era. Such jewelry pieces are adorned with polka, wrapped in gold or silver foil. Once, you wear it, you can see its shine.


There are so many varieties of Indian antique jewelry. Moreover, each one is a lot different from the first one. Indian antique jewelry has a rustic charm of its own. Moreover, you need to take care of this jewelry. As they are very much prone to dust, sunlight, and harm from rain. You can check out some of these pieces, and take care to clean them regularly. Indian antique jewelry has an investment value that you need to know.

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