A Guide To Buying And Maintaining Antique Jewelry

A Guide To Buying And Maintaining Antique Jewelry

Antique jewelry undoubtedly has an unmatched charm. Being a perfect blend of history, beauty, and value, antique jewelry always stands out from other jewelry types. It becomes more priceless when passed down from higher generations. If you don’t own a piece of vintage jewelry and in a mood to buy one, you need to follow this guide. This guide will help you avoid cheap replicas and buy quality jewelry along with how to maintain your jewelry rightly.

Buying Antique Jewelry 

Buying antique jewelry items is not tricky if you consider the following steps. These considerations will ensure you are buying quality jewelry.

A Guide To Buying And Maintaining Antique Jewelry
A Guide To Buying And Maintaining Antique Jewelry

Buy Jewelry From A Reputable Jeweler

It’s wise to buy antique jewelry from a trusted jeweler in your locality. If you are buying online, check the reputation and history of the store. Do check customer reviews and make sure to read the return policy of the site before making your purchase. If you are buying for a local jeweler, don’t shy away from asking questions of the jewelry you are purchasing. Ask for every detail including the history, age, source of the jewel before settling for it.

You can also buy your historic jewelry items from exhibitions, craft fairs, flea markets, trade shows, and estate sales.

Inspect The Antique Jewelry 

Having a close look at the historic jewelry will ensure that you are buying the piece that’s in top-notch condition. Look for cracks, holes, and scratches in the jewel. Also check for discoloration, rust, or corrosion as they are common in most metals. Also, inspect the jewelry for finding identifying marks to make sure you are buying the real piece. If you are skeptical about the marks, it’s better not to buy that piece.

Get Documentation 

Ask for credible documentation regarding the piece you are buying. The right documentation will not only add value to the piece but will also provide details regarding that piece. This can include identifying marks, former ownership, receipts, and other useful information.

Seek Professional Help

As historic jewelry is expensive, it’s better to consult a professional to avoid duplicate buys. So, get your jewel inspected by an antique jewelry professional before finally purchasing it.

Caring And Maintaining Antique Jewelry

Caring for your historic jewelry is essential to keep it in top-notch condition for years to come. Take care of your jewelry as well as maintain it by:

A Guide To Buying And Maintaining Antique Jewelry
A Guide To Buying And Maintaining Antique Jewelry
  • Storing the antique jewelry in air-tight containers after wrapping them in cotton.
  • Keeping it in a jewelry case with fabric lining.
  • Storing it separately to avoid damage as well as tangling.
  • Handling the jewelry carefully, especially if you are wearing an emerald bracelet or necklace.
  • Not wearing jewelry while bathing, playing, or sleeping.
  • Avoiding exposing the historic jewelry pieces to moisture as well as severe weather conditions.
  • Cleaning them with natural cleaners instead of chemical ones. It’s also better to search the cleaning procedure according to the jewelry material and follow it with safety.
  • Inspecting your jewelry regularly. If you find any defects or issues, subsequently get them fixed from a professional.

Follow this guide to buy quality vintage jewelry and care for it so that it can last longer.

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