7 Best Jewelry Types For Women

7 Best Jewelry Types For Women

Ask a group of women what kind of jewelry they prefer and you will get varied answers. While some women love bracelets and rings, others have a fascination with nose jewelry. If you too love jewelry, consider having a variety that can complement your outfits. Check out these best jewelry types and see what’s missing in your collection.


Whether you have got a rook piercing, helix, or cartilage piercing, you definitely need earrings for them. Choose the best jewelry to accentuate your piercings and make them stand out. Consider all sorts of earring varieties including studs, dangling earrings, hoops, ear spikes, barbells, etc. You can choose the ear ornament material as per your preference.

7 Best Jewelry Types For Women
7 Best Jewelry Types For Women

Belly Jewelry 

If you have that sexy belly piercing, then make it look phenomenal with belly ornaments. Whether you head outdoors in a crop top or have fun on the beach, flaunt your belly piercing like never before. When it comes to belly piercing embellishments, you can go for a labret, simple belly ring, dangling belly ring, banana barbell, or reverse belly ring.

Neck Jewelry

Whether it’s a stunning piece of princess necklace or a simple choker, neck ornaments are one of the best jewelry types to consider. Choose from some on-trend neck ornaments like oversized chains, tennis necklaces, beaded chains, or necklaces with charms. You can also take your pick for a pearl necklace, shell neck ornaments, gemstone necklace or chunky chains.


If you love adorning your hands, bracelets are a must-have for you. The current bracelet trends are chain link bracelets and tennis bracelets. Need something luxurious? Go for a classy diamond tennis bracelet or something in white gold.

Nose Jewelry

Nose jewelry that was once considered as a symbol of status has been worn by millions of women today. Whether it’s a dainty nose pin, stud, or a hoop, nose ornaments can make your overall appearance standout. You can choose from a tiny diamond nose stud, a gold nose hoop, or something in a ‘star’ or ‘heart’ shape. Bold women can go for septum rings to showcase their fearless side. Septum rings are highly on-trend and look perfect with western outfits especially denim.

Finger Rings

7 Best Jewelry Types For Women
7 Best Jewelry Types For Women

Gone are the days when finger rings were restricted to a single finger. Today, women love putting rings in multiple fingers and this trend is here to stay in the coming years. Go for stackable rings as they are highly on-trend. You can choose to wear gemstone rings to bring good luck and fortune. For something unique, pick an oversized vintage ring.

Toe Rings

Toe rings are loved by many women. These rings are the easiest way to adorn your feet. Pick from an adjustable toe ring or fitted toe rings depending on your preference. Swirl rings are extremely on-trend and can rock your overall look. If you don’t like plain bands, you can look for intricate toe rings or a ring with a gemstone. Rings in the shapes of flowers, hearts, butterflies, etc. also look trendy.

Stock up your collection with these best jewelry types right today!

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