7 Bead Jewelry Designs Of The Necklace That Every Woman Should Have In Her Wardrobe

Bead Jewelry Design

Earlier, people used to attach these beads to leather straps and wore them around their necks that created the first bead jewellery. Over time, bead jewellery designs began to be a status symbol. Wealthy and influential people mostly used to have bead jewellery designs. Beads even have been used as an item of value for trade. Bead jewellery designs have different colours and are a cheap substitute for typical gold and silver jewellery.

Making Of Beads Jewelry Designs

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Since ancient times, materials like glass, bone, porcelain, shells, paper, clay, metals, gemstones, ivory, and even wood have been used to prepare beads. In the past, There was an expectation that jewellers will keep the bead-making skills a secret. Mass production of beads started in the 1800s when glass beading became widely available. In the present time also, the secrets of how they prepare beads are hidden to a large extent.

Types Of Bead Jewelry Designs For Necklaces

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Beaded jewellery has evolved into an astounding variety of designs and patterns. There are contemporary and modern bead jewellery designs for necklaces, earrings, and bangles. Here are a few latest bead jewellery designs for necklaces.

Seed Bead Necklace Designs

It is useful in both traditional and modern attire. It entirely changes the casual look to a chic one. In this Bead jewellery designs, glass beads of longitudinal shape are stitched together in layers to form a beautiful pattern.

Simple Glass Bead Jewelry

This bead jewellery design will give you a simple and elegant look. Glass beads are so lightweight so you can wear them regularly. Jewellers use Colorful glass to make such beads.

Beaded Pearl Necklace

The bead jewellery designs are perfect to wear at formal parties, especially with black gowns or dresses. The old school pearl design is for classic jewellery lovers.

Beaded Ivory Necklace

The bead jewellery design has beads of different sizes. It is not as shiny as the pearl one but has a decent look, so they are essential pieces for every fashionista.

Large-Beaded Neck Piece for Girls

This bead jewellery design consists of numerous beads of vibrant colours and texture knitted together to give a wholesome look. The necklace has a perfect combination of straight dresses and tops. This bead jewellery design is for heavy jewellery lovers.

Spike-Beaded Choker Necklaces

The spikes in this bead jewellery designs make it super funky. In combination with beads, the metal spikes give you a cool look, and it goes with literally everything.

Multi-Strand Chain and Bead Necklaces

The bead jewellery designs are for if you prefer light jewellery to wear these for long hours during parties. The strands in the necklace give a voluminous look.


In the past few years, Bead jewellery designs have taken up quite a large portion of the jewellery market and are widely available. It is quite popular since it is trendy, less expensive, and can suit anyone from children to adults. Seed bead jewellery, glass and art bead jewellery, and crystal beads jewellery have become very popular in recent years. The best part is that it looks good on western as well as traditional outfits. Bead jewellery designs are a new trend. So head to your nearest store for bead jewellery designs to give your accessory wardrobe an update!

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