4 Tragic Jewelry Mistakes You Must Stop Making

Tragic Jewelry Mistakes

No matter how you look at it, jewelry, especially those made of precious metal are really sensitive. And because of that, even the slightest mistake in handling your jewelry might end up damaging it permanently. However, to stop making the mistakes, you first need to understand what they are and what are the alternative solutions.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the top four tragic jewelry mistakes everyone makes and how you can avoid it.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in…

Not Knowing About The Materials Of The Jewelry You Buy

Let us make one thing clear. No matter what jewelry you buy, you should always be aware of the actual materials of the jewelry. The fact is that if the seller of the jewelry doesn’t give you the details of the materials, then it might not be made from precious materials like gold, silver, and others. So, make sure you ask the material and their proportion in the jewelry before you make the final purchase decision.

So, why is it so important?

Because that’s an important step to verify that what you’re buying is genuine jewelry with real expensive metals. Let’s take gold jewelry for an example. If you go to a shop and find gold jewelry that is surprisingly inexpensive, then it’s most likely to be fake. It can be gold water over the frame of normal metal. Or the jewelry might have a very thin layer of gold on it.

Also, any jewelry that is made of any other materials apart from the precious metals might interact with the air over time and form potential toxic material on it. For example, jewelry made of copper may interact with air and create a poisonous compound if you don’t clean it regularly. That’s why you must check what they jewelry is made of before making a purchase decision.

Wearing The Same Jewelry Every Single Day

Tragic Jewelry Mistakes

A lot of us have a bad habit of wearing a piece of certain jewelry all the time and never taking it off. But there are a lot of good reasons why you should definitely get rid of this habit.

For starters, if you don’t take your jewelry off every once in a while, then it might get covered in dirt which you might not even notice. And this case is especially serious with earrings. Because they’re in your ear all the time, you will hardly notice if it has dirt particles in it. And this ignorance may end up with serious infections. So, make sure you take off your jewelry every once in a while to clean.

And second, if you start wearing the same thing every single day, it would be monotonous and boring. And you surely wouldn’t want that. So, don’t just stick with one or two jewelry and try the other pieces of jewelry that are in your box too.

Not Cleaning The Jewelry Using The Right Method

Of course, it’s always way better to clean your pieces of jewelry than not cleaning them at all. But if you don’t use the right cleaning method, then you might end up damaging your jewelry permanently.

For example, you must never clean your jewelry with precious metals using a toothpaste. It might deplete the metal over time and will rob your jewelry of its shine. The same things go in terms of using baking soda too. Of course, it’s great to wash metals but not the precious metals like gold and silver.

Similarly, you should never use any form of alcohol when it comes to cleaning jewelry with precious stones.

The main point is that you must never use any harsh chemicals to clean your jewelry. Not unless someone with extensive knowledge of jewelry recommends you. Always do your research or let the cleaning part to the professionals to avoid serious jewelry mistakes.

Not Storing Your Jewelry The Right Way

Tragic Jewelry Mistakes

Caring for your jewelry is not over after you buy or clean them. You must also store your jewelry in the right places to avoid any damage to it. The most common rule of storing jewelry is to store it somewhere less humidity. So, you must always avoid places like the bathroom. For example, if you keep your sterling silver earrings in a humid place like a bathroom, it will slowly lose its shine and it might even erode.

Also, you must keep them away from a place where air flows freely or a place with a tough surface.

You must always store your jewelry in dedicated jewelry boxes that will block most of the humidity or airflow. Also, make sure that the box has a good soft cushion so the jewelry can rest well. This way, you can protect your jewelry and avoid damaging it or making other mistakes.

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